Breeding Planner

To view the Breeding Planner select Breed Planner from the View menu. It appears as shown below:

It is basically the same as the Inbreeding dialog, except that there is two of them, side by side to allow easy comparison of ancestors and their relationship to the subject.

Typically the two subjects would be prospective matings and the view could be used to look for desirable or unwanted ancestors and how genetically related they would be. The mark and unmark commands also work in this view.

The view can also be used to view the same subject but with each set to a different number of generations for the COI calculation. Unlike the Inbreeding dialog, this view does allow the user to print.

This feature automatically completes your typing when entering data in linked fields. Along with the many other features in PedX (such as directly entering data into pedigrees) this makes PedX the fastest way to enter and check your data.

Multiline Tooltips

When floating over linked fields such as sire and dam, you can display a user definable tooltip as shown below.
The sample shows details on the entry "Collydale Ringo" such as sex, date of birth and its sire and dam.