Emailing Pedigrees

Picture Pedigrees

Its a easy to paste picture pedigrees into emails as shown below:

Just select the pedigree form and entry, adjust the picture size using your normal zoom controls then use Edit-Copy. In your Outlook 2000/XP email, just click where you want the pedigree to go and use Ctl+V to paste the image.

Note your email must be in HTML format. You can set your default email format by using the Outlook Tools-Options command as shown below:

If you have Outlook Express or Netscape then you need to follow these directions:

  • Select the pedigree form and entry
  • Adjust the size you want using the zoom buttons ()
  • Use File-Save As Picture. A dialog appears – save the picture to a temporary file, e.g. ped.png. Note it doesn’t matter which folder you save it to or what its called – as long as you remember both.
  • In the Netscape email use Insert-Image – a dialog appears, select “Choose File…” then seelct the file you saved in the previous step. OR
  • In Outlook Express email use Insert-Picture, then click on the “Browse…”, select Files of Type “All Files” and then select the PNG you created previously.

HTML Pedigrees

Another BIG feature in 5.2 is the ability to view HTML pedigrees as they appear in a browser, rather than as raw HTML which is how they appeared in previous versions. These can also be pasted into emails or into web editors like FrontPage.

Check out the screen shot below:

Also note that you can now change the following items in your pedigree just by using the toolbar combos that were circled in red in the above screen shot:

  • number of generations
  • font size
  • font color
  • background color

HTML pedigrees can also be pasted directly into emails. Just use Edit-Copy in PedX then Ctrl+V (Edit-Paste) in your email application (applies to Outlook 2000/XP only). The result is shown below:

Text Pedigrees

Of course you can also insert text pedigrees in your emails. These are supported by all email programs.

First select a text pedigree from the Report button, then use Edit-Copy, then in your email program use the Edit-Paste command.