The Navigator has two great new features. Firstly it can be "docked" so it always there - and it also supports "popup" operation where it appears as a floating dialog.

So why two modes? Popup is great for saving valuable screen "real estate". If you want to enter a sire/dam/owner/breeder (or other linked field) just right click on a cell - the Navigator pops up you select the record to enter and it disappears.

In "docked" mode the Navigator will remain on screen. This can be useful particularly if you're using the Edit tab with forms or with the Ped.Chart feature.

The docked mode has already been shown in the previous screen shots on this page. The popup view is shown below:

 Docking and undocking the Navigator are easy - just click in the title bar of the Navigator and drag away from the left side of the screen to undock, or drag it back to the left side to dock it. Note that the size of the Navigator can be adjusted when floating by dragging the bottom right corner.

Directly Edit in Any Form

The Navigator also has an Edit tab which allows you to edit any field in any record shown on a form. In the screen shot below we show the Navigator docked on the left with the Edit tab selected. It shows all the fields on an ancestor in the pedigree form we selected by clicking on it. Any of these can then be edited. You can even click in an "empty" ancestor position and add an entry by clicking in the combobox at the top of the Edit tab then hitting Enter.