Pedigree Chart

This option is only available in PedigreeExplorer (not BreedMate Pro or Lite).

Ped.Chart can display a pedigree of up to 100 generations. It does this by not showing repeated ancestors - instead it simply draws lines from children back to their parents as shown below:


This show for example the "Stefanus Lyx" as the dam of three other entries.

The screen shot also shows how the Navigator's Edit tab will display the data on any record in the Ped.Chart - just click on it. You can even edit the record.

The view can of course be zoomed and panned. The shot below shows the Ped.Chart zoomed out to show the entire pedigree. Note that when printed the chart will appear across several sheets of paper (the page boundaries are shown dashed). The sires and dams are colored light blue and red respectively.

As shown above the Ped.Charts can become quite complicated so we've added a navigation menu for each "node" - just hold SHIFT and right click on the node to bring up a context menu. A sample menu is shown below: