Single View

BreedMate users have come to appreciate their Grid View because it shows so much data on one screen but sometimes you just want to see data on one record and that's where Single View comes in. As shown below the fields are organised into groups accessible via the tabs "Main", "Data", "official" etc.

The "Grid View"/"Single View" button makes it easy to flip between Grid and Single Views or use the shortcuts Ctrl+S and Gtrl+G.

The Single view allows direct in-place editing and both the width and height of every cell is adjustable and is saved with the database. This makes it really easy to enter data in large fields like "Comments" or "Notes" and also for viewing various photos of a given entry as shown below:

Single view also allows fields to be moved with a group (i.e. up or down) or between groups and groups can be add, deleted or renamed.