Dynamic Web Pedigrees

These are also called Web Pedigree Generator's (WPG's) and are programs that run on a web server. Typically someone visiting your web site will request the pedigree of a dog or cat by entering part of the name. The WPG then returns a web page listing all matching names in the database along with some details like DOB, titles. The user then clicks on an item from the list and the WPG will produce an HTML pedigree from data stored in a database file on your server.

The big advantage over static pedigrees is that you don't need to create the HTML pedigrees  - the're created at the time the web visitor selects an entry. Hence its much easier to host a large number of pedigrees and also easier to update. The user can also select how many generations they want to see. To see some examples of how WPGs work visit these www.worldpedigrees.com.

Note that you still need to maintain your database in Breedmate but when you are ready to publish your latest version you export that database to the web site and the WPG will then make that new data available for searching.

There are a number of WPGs available on the net and most are free. The two most popular ones are PedigreePoint from us (Wild Systems) and Alfirin from Alfirin Technologies.

For more details on PedigreePont visit www.pedigreepoint.com. Uploading to any PedigreePoint website is easy because Breedmate has a built in single click export to those web sites.

Alfirin can be obtained by going to their web site www.alfirin.net/pedigree-central. The Alfirin software can produce both web pedigrees and breeding information (list of breedings with offspring). To generate web pedigrees it requires two files to operate - a .DBW and an IXW index file. In addition if you want to also provide breeding information then you will need a .BRW file and the .BXW breeding index file. With BreedMate we have added an option to directly generate all of these files, making it easy to publish your database. Just follow these steps:

  • Start BreedMate. If the database doesn't automatically open then open using File-Open.
  • Use the Tools-Export Alfirin command. A dialog appears. Make sure the "Create DBW/IXW files" option is selected.
  • The "Expression" edit box should automatically contain a valid expression for building an Alfirin database. If it doesn't then you can enter the string:
    %2|[Titles] [Name] [Obedience]|b. [DOB] Reg No.[Reg No.]|%3|%4
  • The default expression can be easily modified. Fields are in square brackets so a field can be removed by deleting that text. Fields can be added by clicking on the Build button then setting the cursor where you want the field to appear then selecting the field to insert from the "Insert Field" combobox.
  • Enter the name of the DBW file you are exporting to. Optionally use the Browse button to help in locating the folder in which to save the file.
  • Click on the "OK" button. This will create the DBW, IXW and BRW, BXW files. All of these files need to be FTPed to your web site. Note when FTPing use binary mode not text mode!