Static HTML Pedigrees

If you are only producing a small number of HTML pedigrees, or your web site doesn't support CGI and Perl then static HTML pedigrees is the way to go. Two examples are shown below.

To create pedigrees like this just follow these steps:

  • Open BreedMate and select the entry whose pedigree you wish to produce
  • Click on the Report button and select "4-10G HTML Pedigree" from the list
  • Select Copy from the Edit menu
  • Open up your web editor, e.g. FrontPage, and paste directly into a web page.
  • Note that you can make individual fields from your database appear in any color you choose by selecting the "Show Field Colors" option from the BreedMate toolbar. Don't forget to set the colors using the "Table-Edit Field Colors" command.

The following is a standard 4 generation HTML pedigree. Note that this pedigree also includes some extra fields like "date of Birth", "Breed", "Owner" etc. The report is fully customisable.

Pedigree of: CH Almondene Barandale Heather CDX.
Sex F Reg No. 1116725
Date of Birth 5/6/1994 Breed Default Breed
Owner Barry Tanwell Breeder Barry Tanwell
Colour & Markings Black & White Call Name Maddie
Comments This is "Maddie". She has had a very succesfull show history.
CH Almondene Digger Aust & NZ Grand Champion Collydale Ringo Grand Champion Villawood Collingwood Gr CH Villawood Whisky CDX UD TD Burwood Lance
Kerrilee Chrissie
DGC Flockella Lassie AOC CDX Flockella Digger
Flockella Wee Dell
Collydale Dell Flockella Speedy Bill Annelena Speed
Flockella Wee Dell
Ennisdale Sue Lederhosen Swift
Borcol Meg
Almondene Celtic Beauty CH Aurella Sanjay Sarson CH Almondene Charger Almondene Illinois Jake
Biddy Bereft
CH Almondene Barandale Lassie Almondene Illinois Jake
Almondene Meg
Odensholm Coquette CH Randwick Thunder Kooanduon Aranui
Bingara Lass
Odensholm Gillian Gypsy Odensholm Loch Laddie
Odensholm Barandale Lass
NZCH OBCH. Almondene Dell Almondene Gallant Lad Wyena King Kerrilee Toss Stan of Berwickshire
Tulagi Spark
Gargarin Meg UD Kerrilee Beau Glen
Gargarin Sheila
Almondene Gazelle Yellig Hemp Yellig King
Kemgra Bragg
Yellig Nymph Werdenlee Kim
Yellig Trump
NZ Ch Collydale Toss US/Can CH Kilton Toss UD Ken A Millar Risp T Nickolson
Tot III A Millar
Cameron Kilt Rex J Cameron
Meg A Millar
CH Almondene Charger CH Almondene Illinois Jake CDX Wyvensyn Jolly Jake
Almondene Sancheen Chum
Biddy Bereft Bereft
Daughter OBiddy