Picture Web Pedigrees

Picture web pedigrees are simply images in PNG (pronounced "ping") file format. This is similar to GIF and is supported by most browsers. Two examples of these picture pedigrees are shown below.

They can be easily created in BreedMate as follows:

  • Start BreedMate and select the entry whose pedigree you wish to generate
  • Select the pedigree form from the Pedigree button
  • Select "Save as Picture" from the File menu
  • A File Save dialog appears. Enter a name for your file and save it in an appropriate location. If you are using Front Page 200 then save the file in the Content\Images directory.
  • In Front Page use Insert-Picture and select the file (or just drag the file from the image folder in the tree control in the left pane).
  • You can also make any of the ancestors in the pedigree hyperlink to another pedigree image or web page by first selecting the pedigree image then using the "Rectangular Hotspot" tool from the Pictures toolbar (use View-Toolbars-Pictures to enable this toolbar). Next describe a rectangular area over that ancestors box in the pedigree and then set the hyperlink to the web page containing that ancestors pedigree. Note that if the ancestors pedigree image is contained on the same web page then you will need to set a bookmark at that image before doing the hotspot.