The following are the latest versions of the forms files which were supplied  with your original registered software plus a library.fmx file containing extra forms which may be of interest.

Note: some browsers, eg Navigator,  may try and read the following files and display them - to save them you must  click on the links with the right mouse button and select "Save Link As".

Online help file (includes tutorial)  This file must be saved to the "C:\Program Files\PedX6" directory.

NOTE: due to a new security "feature" in Windows XP you may get the message "Action Cancelled or The Page Cannot Be displayed" when you try and view the help file. To correct this right click on the file from Windows Explorer and select Properties. A dialog appears, click on the Unblock button.

User Manual Pt1 (PDF).   Last updated 26 Nov 2007.

To download you may need to right click on the link and select
"Save Target As...". To read these PDF files you need to have Adobe Acrobat installed which can be obtained free of charge from

User Manual Pt2 (PDF).
User Manual Pt3 (PDF).
Watermarks Breed Mate provides a watermark feature which prints a graphic of your choice as a background to any pedigree or other form. Some of our users have donated pictures or watermarks and we have collected those on the link to the left.
Data Files These breed files are provided at no charge to registered users of BreedMate.