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Pedigree Publisher

Pedigree Publisher (PedPub) is a desktop pedigree program that runs on Windows PCs with data stored on your PC or hosted in our cloud servers. Here are some of the key features:

  • Perfect for individual breeders, researchers or hobbyists.
  • Optionally keep your data in our cloud hosted database, Pedigree Host, so you can access it from anywhere or share access with others.
  • Easy to back up and share data. Easy to import or export in common formats like CSV or Excel.
  • There is no limit to the number of breed databases.
  • Users can create, delete, and modify tables so there is no limit on what you can store in your database.
  • Comes with form files for dogs, cats, horses, cattle and can be fully user customised for any breed.
  • Users can create, copy, delete or modify forms and include logos, photos, watermarks so its easy to create custom forms like certificates.
  • Data Doctor feature with extensive tests to help you keep your data accurate.

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Pedigree Host

Pedigree Host is our cloud data storage solution. Key features:

  • Works the same as having data on your PC but you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection or share access with others.
  • Works with Pedigree Publisher or Pedigree Cloud. Currently we are not offerring this for use with Pedigree Point.
  • Multiple users can connect to the same hosted database at the same time so when one user makes a change, all the other users connected to that database will see that change.
  • Its easy to get started - just order this item separately from our order page. You will receive an immediate email confirming your purchase and giving you simple two step instructions to get started.
  • Its flexible - you can download your entire database any time and just continue editing it on your PC so you are never locked in.

Pedigree Cloud

Pedigree Cloud (PedCloud) is a desktop pedigree program that runs on Windows PCs with data stored in the cloud. Key features:

  • Perfect for groups such as breed clubs, registries, genetic researchers working on common data.
  • Data is stored either on your own MySQL database (typically these are provided by your web hosting company), on your PC or hosted by us.
  • Multiple users can connect to the same MySQL database at the same time so when one user makes a change, all the other users connected to that database will see that change.
  • If you use your own MySQL database you have complete control, privacy and security.
  • Use MySQL remote access to limit what IP addresses can access for extra security.
  • Works well with Pedigree Point since all updates are immediately visible to PedPoint users and there is no need to publish which is an advantage for large databases.

Pedigree Point

PedPoint installs on your website and allows visitors to your website to search a database and view pedigree reports. Features as follows:

  • Useful for any person or group who wants to provide web based access to search and report on data.
  • PedPoint works with either PedPub or PedCloud. With PedPub you have to manually publish to PedPoint. With PedCloud it hooks into the same database as PedCloud so there is no need to publish which means that anyone using the website sees the changes you make instantly.
  • Pedigree Point is free of charge if used for private purposes such as breed clubs and an inexpensive one-off cost even for commercial sites. We can also optionally assist with installation or repairs and updates.
  • PedPoint is based on PHP and MySQL, supports millions of records and offers powerful search and reporting, e.g pedigrees, reverse pedigree, sibling, breeding and vertical pedigrees.


Contact Info

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Our software comes with 50+ forms plus the user can FULLY customise the database and the forms so the possibilities are endless.


Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 compatible PedPub and PedCloud are fully compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10/8/8.1/Windows7/Vista/WinXP.

Easy to import and export data to other applications like Excel, Word and Access. Users can actually copy and paste data from Excel or Access and paste data directly into Excel.

Easy data entry. Enter data in any order from ancestor to offspring or offspring to ancestors or any combination and at any time. Any ancestor only needs to be entered once no matter how many times its used. More

You can install on up to three computers at the same time as long as you are the main user of those computers, e.g. home, office, laptop.

Unlimited breeds and databases Each database is a single file and is easily transferrable between computers and over the internet; easy to share data and merge data from other users; easy to upgrade to new computers and move your data;

Works with dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats. Comes with database and form templates for the aforementioned animals and because it is fully user customisable you can add your own tables and fields. Note: we did previously offer variants of our products called Herdkeeper and Hawkeye but these are now rolled into both Pedigree Publisher and Pedigree Explorer;

Publish your data online With Breedmate its easy to publish your pedigrees online with our free Pedigree Point web software. Single click publishing allows you to upload updates from Breedmate to your web site so tohers can search for and view pedigrees. See the sample site at PedigreePoint.

Fast Both PedPub and PedCloud will handle 100M+ records.

Large range of predesigned pedigrees forms plus the ability to design your own or fully customise existing forms.

Free Breed databases We offer free starter databases for many breeds and our data is open so you can export and import data from many other formats.

You can save the downloadable installer and burn to CD for later installs; you're licensed to install on up to three computers that you are the main user of; downloadable PDF user manual; Breedmate can be installed on a flash drive so it runs on any PC you plug it into; easy to show your pedigrees online with our free PedigreePoint web software.

Our Clients

Julie Brown - BTW I've been using this program for probably 10 years now...originally it was purchased to save handwriting out those certificates but it has led to a real passion and interest in breed health, history, etc. Being able to run such thorough analysis, COI etc on dogs has put a whole new dimension and perspective on breeding. I cannot thank you enough for this program. It's proven to be such a valuable tool and the information I've acquired has helped a lot of people, and dogs.

Helen Scott - Yorkshire TerriersI do love your program. Have tried them all including [names deleted] etc. Breedmate is fast, intuitive, stable, flexible, awesome capabilities, enables detail and a plethora of data. Merge Database is supurb. Have surprised myself in being successful in modifying forms and text reports but my ability in that area is somewhat limited.

Gillian Bartlett - www.teraustralis.com Breedmate is most accurate, as the program makes it hard to misspell the a dog's name by mistyping (it asks if you want to add a new entry when it is spelt differently, thus alerting you to a variation in the name). It can be used to plan litters by checking the inbreeding co-efficients, duplicated ancestors, colours of coats in the ancestors - so much information to be seen.




Here are our answers to some actual questions from users.

  • Hello I found your products on line and they appear to be the most complete I have seen. True
  • Is the program purchased outright or is there an additional monthly fee? The program is purchased out right – it’s yours forever. There are no monthly fees. It comes with one year of free support including free upgrades. Upgrades will always be cheap - since 2002, users could upgrade for just US$20.
  • Is all data and program stored on my computer or in the cloud? All the data and program is stored on your computer. Nothing is stored in the cloud. In fact all data for each breed is in one convenient file so you could have Boxers.db, Poodles.db, MyHorses.db so they are easy to make backups by just copying the files to a USB etc. BTW there is no limit on the number of breed databases.
  • My horses have multiple registration numbers and other IDs can you modify the files for these added requirements? No problems adding any number of fields to any table in each database. All databases and forms are fully customisable.
  • Can a picture(s) be added to each entry? A picture can be added to each entry. Some forms are designed to show photos usually just for the first two generations due to fitting them in but all forms can be modified to include photos.
  • Is there a limit to the number of animals? We use a popular open source database called SQLite which has huge limits, certainly greater than 4 billion records.
  • Is the program downloaded after purchase? If so what if you change computers? After purchase we send you an email with download instructions. Within your support period you can download the installer an unlimited number of times. You can also save each installer and use it an unlimited number of times.You can install on up to three computers at the same time that you are the main user of. You can reinstall on replacement computers an unlimited number of times.
  • At this point on your production which program do you recommend for my use and what are the benefits of combining your programs? At this point we always recommend Pedigree Publisher rather than Pedigree Explorer. It is our newest program and is where all development will occur going forward. There is no advantage to having both programs.
  • I will have many 100's of hours of data entry and want to make sure this will last the rest of my life! LOL All of our programs allow exporting or importing from Excel, Access, CSV and many other formats so you will never lose your data.