Fast bulk calculation of COI

PedPub has a very fast bulk COI calculation. This means it will calculate the COI of every entry in your database in one go. The following bulk COI related functions are provided:

  • Very fast and accurate calculation of Wrights inbreeding coefficient (COI) to user specified number of generations or for all generations
  • COI displayed to four digits
  • Calculates # of offspring, siblings and ancestors (within the specified gen limit)
  • Calculates AVK (defined as unique ancestors / expected ancestors, where expected ancestors is 2^(N+1) - 2) a higher AVK is better!
  • Copy and paste results or save as CSV
  • Messages tab lists any errors found in the data
  • Ignores all names starting with #, e.g. #unknown
  • progress bar 
  • Fully multi-threaded so user interface still functions during calculations and lengthy calculations can be stopped
  • Detects self-parenting and lists all parents in a loop for easy correction of these problems
  • optional import export separator
  • navigation bar to quickly go back or forward to individual reports that have already been run