Text Reports

Text reports can be easily copied and pasted into emails and take up very little space. BreedMate allows you to create just about every text report you need. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see the full size image.


textped6.gif (24627 bytes) Text pedigrees from 3 to 9 generations, all created quickly and easily. They can be copied and pasted into any email message.
textlines.gif (8124 bytes) Sire lines and dam lines allow you to follow a pedigree line an unlimited number of generations.
textsiblings.gif (7848 bytes) Siblings report lists siblings grouped into full, sire and dam siblings along with the relevant parents.
textoffspring.gif (6841 bytes) The offspring report lists all immediate offspring, grouped according the mate.
TextReversePed.gif (37005 bytes) Stunning reverse pedigrees showing 8 or more generations of descendants. (Only partly shown at left)

Note that users can fully customise these reports and even produce a single report combining
all of the above